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Gas Line Repair & Installation

One service we specialize in is gas line repair and installation. If you believe your gas line is leaking, then call 911 immediately. We will be happy to come out and fix the leak as soon as we can get to your home or business.

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    Taking Care of Your Home Needs

    From total to partial repipes, call our technicians for repiping solutions. We work with copper, PEX, and CPVC. We have the expertise to work with any gas line material and make repairs that will hold with any material. Our repairs will not leak because we ensure the right sealing material is used when the repair is made.

    If you have a gas leak in your home, don’t waste a moment! Call Pickett Home Services for emergency service right away!

    Gas Line Services

    Our expert technicians are highly experienced and skilled at installing new gas lines for an added appliance, or for relocating an existing gas appliance. An installation may require a number of specialized techniques such as running a gas line vertically through an existing wall. Installing a gas line that is to be connected to an existing gas supply line requires considerable care and expertise.

    Financing with Pickett Home Services

    Customers with qualifying credit can take advantage of our financing options. Do you have any questions? For further information, call 281.562.7565.

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