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Your home should never have to be without power, not even for a little while. With a whole house generator, you never have to worry about losing access to electricity.

Pickett Generators Houston

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    Benefits of Whole Home Generators

    Whole home generators are a valuable asset to any home that relies on electricity to function effectively. When electricity is lost, it can be difficult to do otherwise simple tasks like powering on your microwave and cutting on a light switch. If you’re still not convinced a whole home generator is necessary for your home, here are some additional benefits of these systems.

    Protection Against Power Surges

    In the event of an unprecedented occurrence such as a severe thunderstorm or hurricane, electricity is often the first thing to go. When you invest in a whole-home generator, you are protecting your home against power surges and blackouts that would otherwise leave you powerless.


    If you’re concerned with your home’s energy efficiency you’ll be pleased to know that these systems can work for hours without stopping. As long as you have an adequate fuel supply, you won’t have to worry about these systems failing on you when you need them the most.


    One thing that makes these systems so special is that they are extremely convenient. When you call for a whole home generator installation service, our knowledgeable technicians can wire your new generator with your existing electrical system. They can be customized to automatically turn on the appliances you will need the most in the event your home loses power such as your refrigerator or HVAC system.

    Peace of Mind

    The most important benefit that these systems provide is the comfort and peace you will experience knowing that your home is protected in the event that power is lost. End the hassle of having to power on a generator each time you need to use electricity and invest in a whole-home backup generator today.

    Financing with Pickett Home Services

    Customers with qualifying credit can take advantage of our financing options. Do you have any questions? For further information, call 281.562.7565.

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