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Toilet Maintenance

Are you looking for toilet installation and repair in the Houston area? Contact Pickett Plumbing at 713-714-4075 for immediate service.

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    Serving the Houston Area For Over 30 Years

    One of the things we specialize in is the bathroom toilet. So many home and business owners let their toilets run without fix year after year. They hear that small running sound coming from the bathroom, but they often overlook it. This is money running down the drain. Toilets are an easy fix for our licensed plumbers. One technicians are happy to restore or replace the toilet quickly and save you money in the process.

    Toilet Repair

    We have all the parts necessary to fix simple things like toilets. If we have to order them, it only takes a short time. Toilets are often overlooked, but they are one of the most important fixtures in a home. Anyone who wants to upgrade, fix, or just replace a toilet should consult a licensed plumber before they tackle the project on their own. Pickett plumbing services are always guaranteed.

    Financing with Pickett Home Services

    Customers with qualifying credit can take advantage of our financing options. Do you have any questions? For further information, call 281.562.7565.

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