Maintain your home’s major components year-round

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Keep your systems in check throughout every season for $14.50/month or $150/year per system

Pickett’s VIP Club program is a great way for customers to maintain their biggest home components year-round: HVAC & PLUMBING.

Just like you should change the oil on your car every 3,000 miles, your home systems should get very similar regular maintenance. Different seasons can have a variety of effects on your air conditioning unit and on the indoor air quality of the house. Drain lines need cleaning and leaks can pop up when you least expect them.

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Front of the line service, no diagnostic fee, and biannual HVAC tune ups

Maintenance to your air conditioner, heating and plumbing systems will offer peace of mind and save you on your energy bills.

  • Front of the line V.I.P. service.
  • $0 diagnostic charge for all service calls during office hours.
  • Biannual HVAC tune-ups (Spring & Fall).
  • Never an overtime charge for emergency service calls, weekends, and holidays included.*
  • Lifetime thermostat replacement, of equal or lesser value.
  • Plumbing Maintenance once a year (Includes sewer line video inspection, and standard water tank flush**).

*non-emergency service call-outs will result in an after-hours fee. Emergencies include Active flooding, Sewer backup, AC/Heat not working thermostat inside home reads above 78 degrees or below 65 degrees. **Video inspection for tankless water heaters will vary, and includes additional costs.

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No diagnostic fees (even on holidays and weekends). Trust us, our plan comes in handy when you have that unforeseen problem pop up.

Call us at 281.562.7565